Ship Shaped Ship Building.

Ocean Shaped Monster Fighting.





Build ship shaped ships

A custom warped grid allows for grid based ships to look smooth and sleek! Create ships of any width, height, or depth and maintain those hydrodynamic sides.

Boats from the blood of your enemies

Hunt and kill monsters of the sea to obtain their essence, and use it to build bigger and better. Strategise, collect essence, build weaponry, specialise your ship, fight! 

Ad infinitum

Traverse an infinite ocean, build your boat as big as you please. Search deeper and deeper water for larger, more dangerous enemies, combo battle multiple giant mythical sea legends for better rewards.

Built on a custom engine

Custom needs need custom tools. A custom engine has been designed to facilitate optimized rendering with the quirks of strange ship geometry and abstract building materials; multi-threaded performance for heavy physics and fluid effects.

No loading screens

All major loading is done in a background thread while you play the game. No waiting for the game to load, seamless transition to deeper waters and bigger monsters. No area transitions, no spinning wheel, no loading screens. Ever.

More about

OceanBound is an ambitious project venturing the outskirts of traditional gameplay design. Its unique building system utilises the edges and faces of the grid positions independently to allow for thin walls that differ on either side, wall decorations sharing a grid space on a corner, and most importantly, the entire grid is warped using custom algorithms to allow ship shaped ships of any size.

The intersection of mythical sea hunting and ship construction helps drive gameplay forward - the allure of deeper sea, bigger creatures, and better rewards drives ingenuity in ship design to help fight, and the allure of constructing the ultimate ship drives the hunting of more dangerous creatures.

The entire project is lead by one individual shaping an artistic vision that game engines can't efficiently support. It is built on a custom engine and is specially designed for efficient rendering of giant custom ships, and efficient multi-threaded physics to handle true buoyancy and fluid physics without compromising on frame-rate. adjustments to ensure the game doesn't just run, but runs fast. It is a goal to have the game run at >120 fps on every laptop or desktop computer, and look great while doing it.